The criteria for the initial selection of women architects were the authorship over a building constructed in Novi Sad and the presence of their work in the existing bibliographic resources. During the research process, within this specific discourse, we accepted and established two categories – women architects and architect couples. Deficiency and inconsistency of existing resources raised the awareness of this topic and set the goals toward a broad mapping* of their architectural activities throughout history up to the present moment – basic biographical data, photo, audio, video and project documentation. On the one hand, the approach was factual and analytic, but on the other, subjective and focused on individual stories and life trajectories of the architects. Still, the obtained data is not the complete material on this subject, but an open project that continues to grow. The next stage of the research is planned as an interactive workshop at the 14th International Architectural Exhibition in Venice. Along with the presentation of our case at the biennale Sessions, we expect to receive feedback from visitors and expand our knowledge on women architects who designed buildings in their cities all around the world.

*on the territory of Novi Sad.